Welcome to Sellittous, selling your car on Gumtree, Autotrader or Ebay motors can take weeks if you sell it at all! Get an offer from us for your vehicle in just three minutes! As part of this process, we will provide you with a free car valuation online.

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The UK is on target to sell more than 2 Million new cars this year; and a staggering 4.3 Million used cars with 2.2 million of them being sold by private consumers like yourself on websites such as Autotrader Ebay Motors and Gumtree to name but a few.
Our appetite for cars seems to know no bounds, of course, for many of us the motor vehicle is just a means to an end! To get us from A to B,
A vehicle for the family run; but for some it’s a real passion; a way expressing ourselves to adoring onlookers.
You only have to look at how many people attend the Goodwood festival of speed, the F1 at Silverstone not to mention all of the other motor related festivals held up and down the country at various times of the year.
Yes, its official we are a nation of petrol heads! But our sense of fair play can sometimes be tested to the limit when it comes time to sell a car!
We are going to look at the various ways to sell a car here in the UK online.By far the most popular in the UK is Autotrader and with prices from £9.95 for budget models it is certainly value for money.
According to Google Autotrader receives over 6 Million searches within their search engine per month, we estimate that the total number of visitor Autotrader actually receives is in excess of 10 million per month.
Ebay Motors seem like a very poor relation in comparison only receiving 110,000 searches within Google, we estimate that Ebay Motors receive in total 250,000 customers to their site per month, this we feel in part is due to the cost of selling a vehicle on Ebay Motors which can be as high as 10%!!!


“Process went very smoothly” “The entire selling process went very smoothly. Steve at the York office was very helpful and put all my concerns at ease . I would be happy to use this service again.”

Hugh Brown