Published 05/01/16 investigates EasyJet baggage charges #Easyjet #Easyjet charge old lady with alzheimer’s £45 to carry on handbag.

To try and let in the new year in with different surrounding my wife and I decided to finish our Christmas holiday break with a few day in Jersey, We did the usual checks and found our favorite hotel at the best possible price and did the same with the airline’s.

News years eve arrived and off we went to the airport, the airline we choose to travel with was the no frills airline Easyjet, and lets face it that’s exact what you get with a budget airline, we have been using Easyjet for 20 years and on the whole we have been pretty satisfied.

Whilst we were queuing to board the aircraft we noticed that there was a problem at the front of the Que with an elderly Gentlemen and lady and a middle-aged lady, We eventually got through and the elderly lady started talking to my wife.

It became very clear that the lady had alzheimer’s, the middle aged lady then went on to tell me that Easyjet had charged her mother £45 to carry on her handbag (the size of an envelope)  because she already had a small suitcase, now I understand that rules are rules but to upset a defenseless old lady who clearly had other issues to get another £45 for the airline seems to me a little over the top. What do you think?

Published 25/11/15  Investigates how to get a Free car valuation

Many companies offer this service including and but We thought you might be interested to know how this process is done! Firstly when you type in your registration number the company compares against the DVLA data base of 33,000,000 vehicles and finds your vehicle in the blink of an eye.

This is then matched against two further databases one is the society or motor manufactures and traders (SMMT) and a company called  Current auction prices (CAP) the first one tells the company the correct specification of the vehicle and the second tells the company how much your vehicle can be bought for at trade auctions such as BCA or Manheim Auctions.

Depending on the company you decide to use to get your free car valuation will determine  the value you get back, currently values are quite depressed due to the time of year.

You can get a Free car valuation from ourselves by completing the form below, We hope you found this article interesting and would really appreciate your feedback.

Published 23/11/15 investigates has the dominance of Autotrader run its course as the UK’s best way to sell a used car online? Possibly the best way to answer this question is to look at the competition and and dive in to the numbers, we are going to look at the top two alternatives to Autotrader, Ebay Motors and Gumtree.

Ebay Motors was introduced by Ebay their hugely popular auction site in March 2005, the portal receives approximately 1,300,000 searches within Google search engines per month. As of 04/11/2015 they have 320,005 cars and truck live on the site, these are broken down in to 43,155 private sellers and 276,850 Dealers.

It’s almost impossible get an accurate bottom line figure for Ebay Motors as their numbers are all rolled up with Ebay, and by the time they have been watered down by passing them through complex tax structures it even harder! But our best guess estimate is net profits of £1.5M-£2M on a turnover of £12M-£15M These are certainly very impressive numbers even if your parent company is Ebay! Now let’s look at Gumtree, introduced to the UK in March 2000, by Simon Crookall and Michael Pennington, they had an idea to set up a classified ads website for Aussies, Kiwis and South Africans arriving in to London.

The portal receives approximately 9,140,000 searches within Google search engines per month. As of 04/11/2015 they have 154,805 cars and truck live on the site, these are broken down in to 86,297 private sellers and 68,508 Dealers. These are very impressive numbers but it should be born in mind that this is a free site for consumers to advertise their vehicle’s for sale and a certain amount of duplications will happen. Last year’s sales don’t look to shabby ether with a turnover of £50,288,788 and a after tax profits of £16,674,968 Finally let’s look at Autotrader, Founded in 1975 by John Madejski and Paul Gibbons the business was launched in 1977.

The company currently has revenues of more than £300,140,456 The portal receives approximately 6,400,000 searches within Google search engines per month. As of 04/11/2015 they have 432,041 cars and truck live on the site, these are broken down in to 34,423 private sellers and 397,618 Dealers. The company currently has revenues of more than £300,140,456 and an after tax profit of £165,924,062. We will let you make up your own mind on this one; but I have to say I don’t think Autotrader have too much to worry about! What do you think?


Published 11/11/15 investigates Gumtree

Today we take look at the enormously popular website Gumtree and whilst its had its naysayers I have to say Sellittous is a massive fan of this site, we love the way it allows consumers the chance to advertise there unwanted item mostly for free and gains it revenue from advertising within there pages, it is thought but not confirmed that Gumtree has over 100,000,000 page views per month and uploads over 1,000,000 items per day!


Yes it shocked me too, 1,000,000 cars,vans pieces of furniture, jobs and now property being uploaded every day what business. An it all only started just 15 years ago.

Check out some of the vehicles that get posted to the site.

$_86 (1) $_86 (2) $_86

My favorite is the Red E-Type but I think that’s an age thing!!! Let us know which is yours also tell us your Gumtree stories especially if they are funny, PLEASE KEEP THEM CLEAN

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