About us

In this short about us page we will try to explain how selling a car online can be done with no fuss or hassle.
With nearly thirty five years experience within the motor trade the owners of Sell it to are well placed to make you an instant offer.

Sell it to us was launched in January 2008 when selling a car online was still in it infancy. We have worked with the giants of this industry such as and and have managed help over 300,000 people to sell a car online.

The process has changed dramatically in terms of speed at which we are now able to deliver an offer! We are now able to make an offer for a vehicle with 30 seconds, and consumers can get paid for there car in hours.

Sell it to us believes that if you make everything transparent from the outset consumer are far more like to transact with you. What we mean by that is, the offer that is made to you is the offer you will receive.

Of course you must be honest about your car, tell us about all its good points and its bad ones. Because after all we only make an offer online based on the information you provide us with.

We pride ourselves on being honest and straightforward to deal with, and of course you might be able to sell your car for more money advertising it privately.

But there are many pitfalls to doing this, in fact we have helpful hints and tip on this very website how to do this and keep yourself safe. Here is a link 

Sell it to is designed to give consumers the one thing we all want and search for in life, Choice!