Q Can I have a free valuation?
A yes

Q My car will not show up!
A Please make sure you have clicked on the button that looks like a car tyre that say’s “Value my car” If this does not work it might be that you are using an old version of Internet Explorer, can we suggest that you download Google Chrome and try again.

Q Can you make me an offer for my car?
A within the pages of our site there are many companies that will make you an offer.

Q Can you make me an offer by text for my car?
A Sorry no, you can only receive offers to buy your car via our website.

Q How long does a free valuation take?
A You can complete a free valuation in about 3 minutes

Q How long does it take to receive an offer for my car?
A You should be able to receive an offer to buy your car Within 3 minutes

Q How long does your offer last for?
A Most company’s offers are valid for 7 days.

Q If I sell my car to one of the companies advertising on your site how long will it take to get my money?
A Once you have booked an appointment its normally 2-3 days.

Q Can you call me to talk about my car?
A Sorry no, we get on average 4,000 enquiry per day from people just like Yourself wanting to sell their car, however you can contact us via email, Just go to our contact us page for full details.

Q The valuation system can’t find my car?
A Please make sure you enter your registration number with no spaces, if you are still Having problems use our contact us page.

Q Will the companies that advertise on your site make me a fair offer for my car?
A Yes, they will as there is a real shortage of good quality used cars in the market place at this time.

Q Will you collect my car?
A Yes arrangements can be made to collect your car, once you have completed your valuation online drop us an email to

Q Do you think your offer is extremely low?
A It maybe that you have put in the wrong mileage! Example: If your car has 50,000 miles you type in 50000