How to get a Free car valuation

Many companies offer a free car valuation  including we buy any and we want any car. We thought you might be interested to know how this process is done!

The companies used to create a Free car valuation

Firstly when you type in your registration number the company compares it against the DVLA data base. The system checks 33,000,000 vehicles and finds your vehicle in the blink of an eye.

This is then matched against two further databases one is the society of motor manufacturers and traders (SMMT).  And a company called Current auction prices (CAP) .

The first one tells the company the correct specification of the vehicle. And the second tells the company how much your vehicle can be bought for at trade auctions such as BCA or Manheim Auctions.

Values from a Free car valuation

Prices vary depending on the time of year and the type of vehicle you are selling. If you require any help in finding a new or used car please visit our page

By completing a free car valuation with you will receive a free offer for you car. Our service is totally free.

How quickly can I sell my car?

You are under no obligation to accept our offer but if you do, you could have your money within 24 hours.

You can get a Free car valuation from ourselves by completing the form above. We hope you found this article interesting and would really appreciate your feedback.

Free car valuation

Welcome to, we provide a no obligation free car valuation to all our customers in seconds. If you wish to sell a car in the UK we can normally turn your car into cash in hours, we have branches nationwide, to help you sell your car.

Free car valuation

If you take a free car valuation from ourselves and you accept our offer. It will give you cash in your pocket to go and do a better deal for your next car! And it takes all the hassle and cost out of advertising your car privately on websites such as Gumtree, autotrader and Ebay.

There are lots of companies that offer free car valuations such as Autotrader and What car but they do not buy used cars! We do, so you see when it comes to selling a used car we are the company you should choose.

We maybe able to help you find a replacement vehicle too we are in constant contact with dealers from all over the UK so give us a try, we will find you the right car at the right price.


Completing a free car valuation takes just 30 seconds, don’t forget we buy any car not just nearly new or prestige vehicles. So make sure you complete your free car valuation now.

If you still think the offer we have made is incorrect use the contact us page, Please note we cannot discuss any vehicle unless you have completed a free car valuation. If you decide to contact us please make sure you tell us your vehicle registration number and a contact telephone number.

Put simply selling a car to ourselves is easy, and it all starts with a free car valuation.



“The sales staff was very helpful” “I’m happy with the service provided. The sales staff was very helpful and the sales went well.”

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