Help me find a car


OK, so by now you should’ve received an offer for your used car? Now lets concentrate on what’s important to you
“Help me find a car”.
Let’s establish what kind of car you are looking for? Is it a New car or a used car?

Let’s look at new cars first, the manufacturer sets the new car price, but that does not mean you can’t get a better
deals at different garage! Now I know that sounds very confusing, but I will now explain why.

Manufacturers set new car franchises targets each month, and if a dealers target, for example is 10 new car sales.

And the dealer happens to sell 12 new cars, the manufacturer says he has made 120% of his target and the dealer is paid extra bonus.

Now the more the dealer sells the bigger his bonus, where we can help you is by knowing which dealer has the most bonus.

The way this works is, as the bonus for the dealer gets larger, they agree to pass that on to our customers. In some cases we can get a dealer to 150% of target which means a huge saving to our customers.


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“No Hiccups” “I received the money on time and no hiccups. Roy, the buyer was very kind and agreed to see me without an appointment. I’d give the overall service 9/10.”

Anthony Jones