How to sell a car

Buying and selling a car can be a very stressful experience, in this short article we will try and make the advice on how to sell a car as easy to understand as possible.

Firstly make sure the car is clean inside and out, you can do this yourself or have it done professionally for around £30-£50, and personally we would go with the latter when selling your car.

The £30-£50 you spend may add £100’s to the car’s value, next when selling your car be realistic about its value, cars devalue on average about 1% per month.

But keep in mind that the price you paid for your car when you bought it from the dealer would of included the dealers profit margin of roughly 20%.


The truth about a car dealers margin

This may seem excessive but when you consider the dealer has huge overheads like Staff, security, premises and VAT you can quickly see why a dealer needs that type of margin, and don’t forget their stock is devaluing each month too.

Lets take an example of a car purchased two years ago from a dealer for £10,000, if we take out the dealers profit margin of £2000 the car when purchased was really worth £8,000

Now make sure you have all the documents you are going to need, when it come to how to sell a car. To sell your car these are as the documents you require.

You now have four choices to make on how to sell a car.

Advertising your car on ebay or autotrader; can be effective but it is not without its down sides. You should remember that people are not always what they appear.

Things you should NEVER DO


Selling a car at auction

If you decide to sell your car at auction remember you will have to pay the auction selling fees, this could be as high as 25% of the price the car is sold for, and you may have to wait weeks for your money.

Selling your car to a dealer in part exchange is very straight forward, but remember the dealer will probably be giving you more than your car is worth because he is making £2000-£5,000 out of the car he is selling you.

By far the best way to sell your car is to sell it to and here is why:

And don’t forget we buy any car not just nearly new! We will buy any car from £50-£100,000

So why not take a free valuation now? You have nothing to lose and it only takes 3-4 Mins to complete.

We hope this information on how to sell your car has been of use to you.

Put simply, selling a car using is how to sell a car.
How to Sell a car


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