Offer for my car

We would be delighted to make you an offer for your used car, please complete the free valuation.We will provide you with exactly what you have asked for, an offer for my car.

If you are happy to accept the offer? Make an appointment and we will be in touch shortly to confirm all the Arrangements. We buy any car from clients all over the UK, it really does not matter whether you are driving a £100,000 Porsche or a £500 runaround.

We treat all of our clients the same, with respect and honesty! Please be as honest as possible when completing our forms. Make sure you tell us about any dents, scratches or problems when completing the form as this will have an impact on the value.

The very last thing we want to do is refuse to purchase your vehicle! Because you have not told us of an issue with your car.

If you did not HPi  your car before you purchase it you might consider doing this? Just to make sure the car is all clear. Here is a link to HPi .

I hope the above does not sound condescending? But the last thing we want to do is waste anyones time.


Someone in a hurry

We recently received an email and all it said was “offer for my car”, it was clear to us that the person was not very media savvy or they were in a great hurry!

To of just typed make me an offer, one of our trained advisors picked up the make me an offer email, we contacted Janice from London and purchased her car.




“The sales staff was very helpful” “I’m happy with the service provided. The sales staff was very helpful and the sales went well.”

Carlos Griffiths