Sell a car on Gumtree

In this short article we will show you some hints and tips about how to sell a car on Gumtree. We will cover preparing your car for sale on Gumtree, the do’s and don’ts when selling a car.

Preparing your car for sale

Ok lets get started, The first thing you need to do is take all of your personal items out of the car.
And give the car a clean inside and out. If your car is under £3,000 just a hand car wash and a quick hoover out will be fine.

For more expensive vehicles we recommend a full valet, this should cost no more than £30-£40. If you have got some light scratches on your car? We recommend you use a product called Compound to remove them.

This can be bought in stores or online from Halfords .

Halfords compound

If your cars paintwork is looking a little dull, we would recommend using a product called T-Cut. This product is widely available from DIY stores like B&Q .

If  you need to do the whole car we recommend using a machine called a Orbital polisher from a company called. Marine Super

T-CutOrbital polisher

Things to do before you sell a car on Gumtree

Ok so your car is now clean! And you have polished out all of those minor scratches. Now check all the levels such as the windscreen washer level and oil. These product can also be purchased from B&Q

The last thing you want is a person comes to buy your car and the oil light come on half way through the test drive!

It is always a good idea to MOT a car before placing it up for sale, this give you peace of mind that the car you are selling is roadworthy. And the person buying your car will feel confident because it has a full MOT.

Here is a link to find an MOT centre in you area. .

You might also consider having your car serviced as this always looks great in the advert. Here is a link to the RAC of approved servicing garages in your area. RAC Car care

How to load a car on to Gumtree

Firstly log on to Gumtree’s Getting started page If you are new to Gumtree and want to sell a car for free, you will need to register, You can sign in with Google, Facebook or add a new account. We will show the latter option.

Gumtree New accountPost an add

Let’s add a car, click on the car icon, and the click on cars , now click next

Sell a car on GumtreeAdd a car on Gumtree

Now enter your post code

Add a car on GumtreePost an ad on Gumtree

Enter the registration of the car you wish to sell, click on private seller, I have added a Mercedes SLK AMG. Now add the mileage. And click on look up vehicle.
Now enter the title of you vehicle, I suggest copying and pasting the description title that Gumtree have found for you. As this is what their software will recognise best of all.

Add a car on Gumtree Reg.Selling a car on Gumtree.

You now have two choices to make, if you want to try and sell in 7 days, you can and that will cost you £9.95 or if you are not in hurry to sell its FREE?

When you sell a car on Gumtree the description is vital

Is selling a car on Gumtree freeSell a used car on Gumtree

Now add up to nine pictures and a video, adding the description is vital, there is one simple rule when selling a car.

The More you tell the quicker you sell.

How much should I sell a used car on Gumtree for?

You now have 4 more choices to make, And the most important thing of all, the price you ask for your car!
To high and no one will give your a second look, to cheap and they will think there is something wrong with your car.

We recommend you get a free car valuation from ourselves using online valuation system at the top of this page.


Setting up an account on Gumtree

Sell a used car on Gumtree account

Once you have added your personal details, click on how you would like to be contacted and press submit, and thats it.! 

Don’t forget to get a free car valuation from ourselves, this will help you to decide a fair price for your car.

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