Top 5 ways to sell a car

In this short article we will show you the top 5 ways to sell your car. Now it has been difficult for us to be impartial as we own Sell it to us! But we have given you what we believe are the Top 5 ways to sell a car.

Sell it to

Sell it to founded in 2009 and is now the largest independently owned buyer of used vehicles in the UK.
With over 100 drop off centres nationwide, Sell it to us make it extremely easy to sell a car. The website’s ease of use,
gives customers a free offer for their car within 30 seconds.
You can book an appointment online and turn your car into cash within hours.

Sell my car .direct

Sell my was launched in 2015, and has steadily gained a level of support
From consumers wishing to sell their vehicle quickly.
The website takes the detail of the vehicle you wish to sell, and offers your car to
dealers within a 50 mile radius of your post code.You will then start receiving offers for your car from those dealer via the website. Your contact details are not shared with the dealers unless
you accept the offer. And the great thing about this website is its FREE.

Autotrader is one of the most viewed websites in the whole of the UK,
Receiving on average 10,000,000 hits per month. The truth is that only a small
Percentage of people sell their vehicles through Autotrader when they advertise them.
The cost of selling a vehicle through Autotrader is £39.50 for the average user.

And if  you don’t sell your car within two weeks you will receive a call from a pushy sales
person explaining why you have not sold your car, and encouraging you to further
advertise your car for at least another month. This could cost you upto £50! When you
Analyse the cost of the advertising and the potential depreciation over the couple of
months you have your car advertised on Autotrader, plus all the hassle of dealing with
tyre kickers or worse, someone who just wants to take your car for a drive, to see how
that type of car handles! I am afraid the jury is out on Autotrader.

We Want Any

We Want Any Car are a very professional bunch of guys, established in 2011 by Chris
Bowen and purchased in December 2013 by the Manhiem auction group.
The deal gave Manheim access to the 10,000 cars and vans acquired by We Want any car.

We buy any Noel McKee founded webuyanycar in 2006 and joined BCA in 2013 on
acquisition. An OFT investigation, that ran from July 2009 to June 2010, found that nearly 96% of
customers received less for their car than originally quoted, sometimes by hundreds of
pounds. This can be partially attributed, however, to potential customers not being accurate
about the car’s condition when entering its details online.
Despite this, users were given the impression that they would be paid the online valuation if
the onsite inspection matched the condition they had entered – but once at the appointment many
found that they would be offered nowhere near their original valuation.