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Welcome to Sell it to us, if you are looking for some friendly advice about where to find used cars for sale you have come to the right website. We are totally independent and the advice we give is free.

At no point will we try to sell you any of the hundreds of thousands of used cars for sale in the UK market place.
Our aim is very simple, we will find you the best car at the best price from a quality dealer.

Side of the road Motors


Yes there are bargains to be had buying from other consumers. But what do you do if you have bought from “side of the road motors” and the car goes wrong!!!

Used cars for sale at the side of the road


We have all seen them haven’t we? Parked on a busy junction with a hand made sign! Now I am sure there are honest people out there just trying to sell their car! But take my advice stay well away from “Side of the road Motors”.

These dodgy character buy these old cars from auctions, clean them up and sell them. Most of them use pay as you go sim cards in their mobile phones, and when they have your money they bin the sim.

There are also rumours within the motor trade that eastern european gangs are using this almost untraceable
cash driven trade, to hide their more sinister drug dealing activities.

Buying a car privately is a risk that is really not worth taking, only buy from reputable dealers, yes the car will be more expensive but if you have an issue. Back you go.


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